Q: What is Dear Moms?

A: Dear Moms is designed to help Moms balance their everyday lives while practicing healthy self care habits. 

Q:What is Amor Sui Box

A: Amor Sui Box is a Quarterly Self Care Box that I designed myself for the everyday woman. Mom or no mom this box is built to help you practice healthy self care habits. 

Q: How do you balance both your business & family

A: I don't. I honestly wake up every morning thanking god for a new fresh day. At first I would overwhelm myself with to do list and task I needed to complete. It was a tad bit much & I was so hard on myself when I didn't complete a task till now I literally wake up, meditate, do yoga, write a short list of things I would like to achieve for the day & go from there.

Q: What's your Starbucks drink order?

A: My all time favorite drink at this moment is a Venti Caramel Macchiato with six pumps of vanilla and six pumps of caramel. I like my coffee VERY sweet! However on a quest to save money I'm currently just brewing my morning coffee in my Keriug which is Free Ninety-Ninety.